Site audit

Comprehensive site audit

How to perform a comprehensive audit of an Internet resource?

An audit of a certain resource includes a large number of measures by which website errors are detected, after which you can compile a specific list of tips with which you can optimize the resource to the maximum, so that it will be as effective as possible. Employees of our company will be able to check the resource for compliance with all the necessary recommendations that search engines provide, they will be able to find errors in the site and will do everything necessary to eliminate them.

What measures does a resource audit include:

Analysis of market requirements, customer demand, prospects that the company has;
Work with competitive resources;
SEO site optimization audit, which includes control of both external and internal SEO optimization;
Structural indicators of the resource;
Analysis of the audience and its behavior;
Availability of the necessary content and its relevance;
Working with the semantic core;
Audit at the technical level;
User audit;
Audit of advertising, in the event that an advertising campaign is underway.

What role can a website audit play?

For a large number of clients, a resource audit is almost a solution to all the company’s emerging problems. However, it should be noted that this opinion is not entirely correct. When fulfilling an order from our specialists to conduct an audit of a resource, the client will be able to receive a specific plan with the necessary points. After completing all these steps, you can significantly increase the efficiency of the resource, advance it to a new level, improve technical work, increase the influx of customers, improve the quality of the published material, due to which customers will constantly be added. However, the client should understand that such success depends only on his work, according to a given plan. It is on how well you approach the solution of all the necessary requirements that the success of the resource and whether the audit will pay off directly depends.

Service price
A well-executed audit of a resource is a process that includes many stages, therefore it is very costly both in time and effort. However, it is important to understand that such a process is simply necessary for everyone who is going to really develop using the Internet, promote the services of their company and get a significant profit from this. With the help of our experts, you will definitely succeed. The cost of the whole project is calculated with each client separately, because everyone sets certain goals and objectives. Depending on how many stages and processes our employees need to complete, the final cost of each individual project directly depends.