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Advertising on social networks is the fastest way to convey information about your products or services to your target audience. Information presented on social networks is read much more efficiently and works better.

Social media advertising agency Tout Marketing specializes in planning and implementing social media advertising campaigns. With us, you will reach whole new levels and increase your sales opportunities by generating new leads or driving traffic to your website.

Our main areas of activity:

1. Advertising on Facebook (increasing reach, getting contacts, directing traffic to the site, selling products from the catalog)

2. Instagram Ads (Photo Ads, Video Ads, Stories Ads)

3. LinkedIn Ads (content promotion, sponsored messages, text and dynamic ads)

4. Remarketing (advertising campaigns in social networks)

Why does your company need to advertise on social media?

Consider why you created a social media profile for your company? Because that’s how it’s supposed to be? Because every self-respecting company should be active on social media? The main goals that should determine the presence of your company in social networks:


Social media is the fastest way to connect with your customers. Information about new products or promotions presented on social networks is read much more often and works more efficiently.

Building confidence

A live social media profile is the best evidence of your company’s credibility. Thanks to this, you will be able to build the trust of potential customers in the brand, products and services.


Social media posts, comments, and reactions are a treasure trove of knowledge about your customers’ needs and expectations. This information allows you to develop your offer more effectively.

There is one more piece missing from this puzzle. By setting up a profile on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, you also count on real benefits in the form of new customers. You want to get them through social networks. But first you need to get through to them … And here social advertising comes to the rescue.

What is the purpose of social advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn?

Social media ads should sell! It is difficult not to welcome the correctness of this statement. However, as an experienced social media agency, we believe that social media advertising should have a much broader context. We believe that its main goals are:

• Acquisition of contacts, i.e. B2B and B2C sales leaders,

• Redirecting potential customers to the store,

• generation of online sales,

• Increased community engagement around the brand.

Social media advertising is designed to enhance your company’s social media presence and help you achieve specific marketing goals.

What services does social media advertising include?

We run advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The total number of Swiss users of these platforms is impressive. Almost 5 million accounts is a huge potential that we will help you to use. We effectively manage Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Facebook Ads Campaign Goal:

1. Increase the reach of your company profile,

2. Receiving contact details (sales leads),

3. Redirecting traffic from social networks to the company’s website,

4. Selling products.

The Instagram Ads campaign focuses on visual forms of advertising. The most popular among them are:

• advertising in the form of photographs,

• Video advertising,

• Advertising in stories.

Unlike the forms of advertising popular on Instagram, LinkedIn advertising includes:

• Promotion of the main content,

• sponsored news

• Text and dynamic advertising.

Our social media advertising agency also runs social media remarketing campaigns. We make sure that attracted customers constantly use the offer of your company. We are happy to share our knowledge through organized individual and group lessons. If you want to improve the work of your marketing department, we will prepare an individual program for you based on your questions.

Social media marketing – what does an advertising campaign look like in practice?

Advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is long-term.

Call us, we will help you create an effective company.