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Our marketing agency “Tout Marketing” in Lausanne offers a range of services to small and medium-sized companies in terms of digital advertising on the Internet. We will take care of developing the modern and marketable web design for your future site and provide services for the creation of modern and professional sites.

Online advertising is different. This can be social media advertising, advertising services, or promoting products on your website through search engines or an online store.

Web marketing for businesses

Increase online sales

Sale of services and goods on the Internet

We offer you to create websites in Lausanne, Switzerland to advertise your services or products on the Internet and guarantee professional and quality work

We have ten years of experience in developing modern, beautiful, practical, fast and simple websites for our clients.

Our agency has carried out many missions with the great satisfaction of our customers:

  • a service site for a beauty salon, a law firm, an accounting agency, a medical firm, an automobile service, etc.),
  • Landing page/ Landing page
  • an online store site.

Website development requires professional knowledge and special platforms. We work with licensed software and CMS (Content management system), create a modern and commercial web design for your site.

We create unique content and advertise on the Internet with the authorized methods of the Google search company. Contact our company if you want a modern and professional website for successful online sales.

Social media advertising (SSM – Shared Services Management) represents a modern method of advertising the services or products of your company or individual entrepreneur. Advertising on social networks like Facebook or Instagram performs a deep filtering in the selection of potential customers who have already been interested in the product or service you offer.

When ordering services from our “All Marketing” advertising agency with the implementation and administration of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you are certain that the advertising project on social networks and its budget correspond to your request.

Google search engine advertising (PPC), also known as targeted advertising, is advertising in which you pay for targeted clicks. PPC advertising works on the principle of keywords. Potential customers search for your product or service by keywords or phrases. Based on the developed advertising task, our specialists select keywords for a specific page of your site so that the advertising costs are most advantageous for the client and the budget is spent rationally. The cost per click of these ads is determined by an auction organized by the Google search engine when a potential customer searches for the required information on the Internet. The search engine is interested in how to spend the budget of an advertising network as quickly as possible, but our specialists know how to set up advertising campaigns in order to obtain the desired result with the least possible money.

Website promotion (SEO) is a type of advertising on the Internet when your site is in the top positions in the Google search engine, but you do not pay per click. Your site is always at the top of search engine results because of its authority. Our experienced specialists have many years of experience in promoting various sites on the Internet using legal methods. We promote service delivery sites on the Internet, we promote online stores.

SEO Promoting a website in the Google search engine is a set of activities aimed at increasing the ranking of the site in accordance with the requirements of the Google search engine. The rating of the site is increased by search engine optimization of the existing texts and titles of the site, writing articles that will help to attract an additional flow of visitors to the site. Placement of external links from other sites to the client’s site.

We know all the intricacies of digital marketing and are ready to help your website or product be more competitive on the Internet. By contacting our “Tout Marketing” marketing agency, you will benefit from a full range of services ranging from the creation of a sales site to the promotion of your online project for the sale of goods and services.

marketing services for businesses

Website development. Internet advertising. Advertising in social networks. Facebook advertising. Advertising on Instagram.

Increase website sales

Creation of sales sites. Choose the right online sales model.

Increased internet traffic

Development of effective advertising campaigns on Google and social networks.

Services de promotion de sites Web (SEO)

Audit de site Web

With the help of a comprehensive site audit, you can identify the main problem that worries every business owner - why there are so few sales on the site.

Semantic Core Compilation

A well-formed semantic core will not only help increase your site's convenience for visitors and prevent them from closing the site after 5 seconds, but will also help increase sales. Order!

Promoting research

Search promotion aims to ensure that your site is visited by a growing number of potential customers from the company's target audience. Order!

Integrated content marketing

Another internet marketing tool to turn website visitors into customers, and it is also an art. Order!

Checking the usability of the website

Another effective internet marketing method to increase your site's profitability. Order!

Contextual advertising in Google

The effective implementation of contextual advertising for the sale of goods and services is above all the guarantee of a properly spent advertising budget and a reduction in the cost of a customer. Order!

Promotion in social networks (SMM, SMO)

Marketing in social networks has long been gaining momentum in the CIS. And many of your competitors have been selling their goods and services there for a long time. Order!

Online reputation management (SERM)

Reviews on the network are no longer always left by customers, often competitors deliberately carry out informational attacks. We will help restore reputation and discredit attacks. Order!

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